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    Business Transfer

    Are you thinking about transferring your business to the next generation? But do you, or the next generation, have doubts concerning this decision, for any reason whatsoever? Ask HSD&A Finance for an independent critical look and a carefully designed consulting trajectory. When it comes to succession plans, our goals are always the same: ensuring continuity and every stakeholder’s lasting satisfaction.

    Step-by-step plan for a business transfer

    Every business is different, and so is every preparation or negotation that comes with a transfer. However, the steps to be followed are always the same. We start by making a business scan, based on which we will assess whether your company and the intended successors are sufficiently prepared for a transfer. Next, we will register our findings regarding the feasability of a transfer in a detailed report. After the scan we start focusing on content. Using the information available, we will put together an information package for you to hand out to your successors, advisors, and possible financiers. For the duration of the trajectory, we ensure as much openness as possible toward all parties involved. We will carefully record every agreement made, and when the people in your business need to be informed, we will help make that go as smoothly as possible as well. Finally, we will take care of all the documents needed for the purchase or sales agreement.

    What can you expect:

    • Introductory session during which you tell us what you need and what you need it for
    • A critical third party with ample experience
    • If needed, assessments and guidance with regard to weaker points
    • Advice on financial as well as legal issues
    • Objective guidance and the provision of information to all parties involved