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Exclusive Elevator solutions

Elevator solutions

When you are looking for a non-standard elevator, HSD´s subsidiary Exclusive Elevators B.V. (XEL)  is the place to go. We do not apply standard sizes and designs, and our solutions leave the beaten path with regards to the design, the technology, and materials we use. We can provide you with a glass elevator for your superyacht and a square, round, or elliptical elevator for high-end residential applications. Share your challenge with us, and we will design and realize the perfect solution, completely tailored to your wishes.

Our approach

We often already have an idea for a solution after the first meeting. Together with a creative team of engineers we come up with a design that features innovative techniques and state-of-the-art materials. We have been doing this for forty years now, and today XEL’s elevator solutions can be found in the most unique locations around the world.


Please visit the Exclusive Elevators website for more information.