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    Realization of an exclusive pool system – MUTANDOR

    Extreme Exclusive, part of HSD Associates realized a high degree of flexibility to a poolhouse, by installing MUTANDOR moving walls, floors, and roof. The possibilities for the pool are endless by using the mobile parts!

    The Latin “mutatis mutandis” means literally: “after things having been changed which need to be changed”. From this new terrace-to-building system of Extreme Exclusive borrows her name: MUTANDOR.

    Extreme Exclusive has realized the design, production and delivery of a Mutandor system for a 16 x 7 mtr private pool. The walls (housefronts) will rise, a complete roof appears and a part sinks down, so a swimming pool comes available. The moving housefronts with roof will function as an up to the mark building complete with window frames, doors, special glass, heating and lighting.