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    Whether you are looking for means to fund your investments or take over a business, or if you need working capital in order to deliver your orders, we at Seahorse Associates of HSD&A will provide you with the mediation and advice needed for the procurement of solid funding. Our partners are former bankers with ample experience, a thorough knowledge of the field, and a good reputation. With a critical view, we will work hard at getting you the best possible financial structure at the most favourable terms. Here, experience makes the difference. Our experience determines the level of success.

    Funding applicationThe more complete your application, the faster we can arrange an offer suitable to your needs. If you provide us with the following information, we can start doing some preparatory work and contact you on the basis of our first conclusions. Requisites for a funding application

    • Annual financial reports and the most recent interim financial statements
    • A brief explanation regarding these figures
    • Investment plan
    • Calculation of funds needed
    • Prognosis and explanation
    • Recent funding applications
    • The reactions of the approached organizations


    Purchase mediationWhen you ask Seahorse Associates to mediate in a purchase trajectory, we will first invite you to an introductory meeting. On the basis of this first meeting we will provide you with an action plan and a concrete cost estimate. Step-by-step plan purchase mediation

    • Business and takeover scan with report
    • Information memorandum with non-disclosure agreement
    • Market inventory
    • Negotiation phase
    • Finalizing of documentation and the purchase- or sales agreement