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Seahorse Associates B.V. partners up with Wendelin Lab B.V.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, governments all around the world instructed people to use disinfectants to protect themselves and others for the Covid-19 virus. These events have led to a run on disinfectants, often leaving wholesalers and organizations without any disinfectants. Stockpiles ran dry and shipments were delayed.

In collaboration with the renowned chemical company, Wendelin Lab, we are ready to serve the high demand of disinfectant. After investing in an alcohol based disinfectant, enriched following the recommended recipe from the World Health Organization (WHO) a disinfectant production and bottling line has been launched.

The disinfectant, with 80% alcohol, is produced by the WHO recipe and is applicable and safe for disinfection of skin and hands. By using the recommended dosage the skin will be disinfected and leave no residue.

Wendelin Lab also offers a 80% alcohol disinfectant for the disinfection of surfaces and instruments.

For more information about the product and usage, please click here.

Wendelin Lab’s mission

It is our mission to develop sustainable processes and green products. Raw materials are scarce. We therefore derive natural resources by using alternative energy and direct air capture. It is paramount that these routes are ecologically friendly and essential to human life.

Offering a solution to counter scarcity and to be essential in the fight against the virus, Seahorse Associates B.V. creates partnerships to distribute Wendelin Lab’s disinfectant both nationally and internationally.

Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet for detailed information about the solution and components.